We will create an Education Innovation Lab, Ed-Lab SUMMA, with the objective of financing and supporting:

(a) the identification of priority problems; (b) the detection and promotion of innovative solutions (current and potential), through contests of innovative practices; (c) the evaluation of their impact; and (d) the scaling-up and dissemination of the best practices.

This way, the innovation component is aimed at providing solutions to the main education problems in the region.

Intervention Model:

SUMMA designs and implements educational programs to pilot and evaluate the impact of highly cost-effective pedagogical strategies and practices. These strategies are identified from global evidence and adapted together with educational communities to local conditions and territorial culture. Implementation is carried out through school networks. This component aims to provide cost-effective, contextualized programs to be adequately transferred and scaled up by each country’s Ministry of Education.


Orientations for Teacher Professional Development and Pedagogical Practice:

SUMMA develops practical guidelines that seek to provide training resources and pedagogical materials for teachers. All of them oriented to facilitate the incorporation of effective practices in teachers’ teaching strategies. These resources offer recommendations to be used by schools and teachers on how to incorporate a set of methodologies that have been identified as effective in improving student learning. We have begun this series of guidelines and resources with two effective practices: a) Feedback and b) Collaborative Learning. Both documents have been elaborated with the support of leading Latin-American experts in those fields and the funding was generously provided by Fundación La Caixa. These resources will be available in the SUMMA webpage soon.