What does each case file tell us?

The case files start by identifying the “challenge” faced by the organizations. They then describe how this challenge was addressed, through a specific “solution” that is limited and relevant to the context in which the innovation was developed. This “challenge-solution” relationship is “evaluated” in terms of its results and impact.

The basic structure of the file is then built on what we can call the “innovation core” and this is what we want to highlight in all the systematized files. This core is accompanied by information on the institution which carries it out, a brief description of the methodology used to carry out the solution and the context in which it is implemented.

What lessons can we learn from the Map of Educational Innovations?

The central message of the Educational Innovations Map is that there is a great diversity of innovative experiences and solutions in the world, which have been designed, developed, and implemented to address the specific challenges of each educational community. This should not only encourage us to learn from these examples and mobilize us to adapt and replicate these successful experiences but should also induce each school community to look creatively at its own problems and challenges, and to dare to devise new solutions in a collaborative way.